Enrico Brunalla

Ugly Domsch's Hang Torture Shop

There were several true hang lovers who asked me how they can buy some of these wonderful hang torture tools for their private use. So I decided to open a special Hang Torture Shop to offer all the products I developed for hang disciplining services.

The Classic: The Original Hang Clamp

Lifelong guarantee. Price: 459 Euro

Hang Clamp

For real Hang Lovers: The Hang Torture Icon

Price: 3.25 Euro

Hang Torture Icon

The Final Good Bye Tool: The Hang Gallows

Handmade. Solid wood. Price: 1299 Euro

Hang Gallows

For manual mode: The Hang Pick

Titan. Rustproof. Eudermic. Price: 9.99 Euro

Hang pick

For an antique hang look: Hang Acid 96 Vol. %

Price: 5.39 Euro

Hang pick

100% recycling product: Hang Grill

Hand made by jobless war invalids. Price: 479 Euro

Hang pick

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Hang pick

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